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Please bear with us while our website is refreshed, during this time not all links will work as expected. We hope to be finished mid October. Please visit our Facebook page where we will be able to help with any enquiries you may have.


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Ways you can help us


imageVolunteer with Us

Volunteering and volunterism is not just beneficial to the wider community but is also beneficial on an individual level. Whether you have a passion you want to share which you can express through the work we do, want to develop your skills and increase employability or just network and expand your social group.

Find out about the benefits and what's involved in becoming a Dartford and Crayford Creek Restoration Trust Volunteer.



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Help us gain funding and equipment

Its been half a centuraty since the creek was looked after. Having enough volunteers to help with restoration work will only go so far. Restoring WHARFS, lock gates and community facilities amongst other things can quickly get expensive. From donations to gift aid, fund raising to crowdfunding, becoming a trust member or seeing if you have any old tools to help us listed on our wishlist. There are many ways to get involved without having to don on a pair of wellies or a life jecket.



Sharing is Caring


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Calling all ornithologists, anglers and those with in interest in wildlife and habitats

We are looking for help to identify and picture the range of wildlife and habitats that the creek supports. Please contact us if you are happy to help and share pictures you have taken or your knowledge.



imageWhether its nostalgia, the want to protect our blue/green space or something else

Share with us your stories about what the creek means to you. From memours, that experience you had one time or concerns for the future. We want to to document and celebrate our collective stories to explore peoples connection to the creek.




Share our story

Our volunteers still meet local walkers who are discovering the creek for the first time and our role in looking after it. Help us share our story and spread the wordd with your friends and faimily.



Make a Donation

We welcome donations, all donations enable us to continue our work.