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Welcome to the Dartford and Crayford Creek Litter Pickers' group

A bit about us

Not everyone is aware of the negative consequences of what happens when rubbish is left in or around the creek. Our vision is that the creek is an attractive place to be visited by the local community. Whether by ramblers, anglers, those interested in just being present and surrounded by the  scenery and many natural habitats the creek supports.

Unfortunately once litter starts to accumulate its very presence can attract more littering. There are certain sections on the creek where there are hot spots for fly-tipping by both domestic and unscrupulous business won't wanting to pay for safe disposal.  Not only is this a blight on the landscape but can pose a hazard to the mixed family groups visiting the area, poison or injure surrounding wildlife or as where a significant amount will eventually end up - our waterways where the damage continues.

Through our litter picking efforts we hope to improve the landscape and diminish the negative impacts described. We hold periodic litter picks, each group is led by a trust volunteer who will look after you during your litter-pick session.

Further questions?

Have a look at are Frequently Asked Questions, if you don't see an answer you are welcome to contact us.

Litter pick dates and request sign-up

Have a look to see if the following datas and times suit.  If so, contact the Group Coordinator and say that you would like to attend.

Litter-pick dates

Date & Info Aprox times Route/area Lead Volunteer(s)
Past (22-23/6/20 1200-1330 Thames Path DB4 to R.Cray rail bridge.

Tim A-S [Email]

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(4th July 2020)


DB1 route. Start point: ///

End point: ///Copies.slick.towers

Dani and Tim A-S 


If you are interested in volunteering, no prior skills, or equipment is necessary and you can join a litter pick directly from this page.  For general questions or information you are welcome to leave a comment below.